DC10g WorkSpaze is a managed, reliable, scalable & secure Desktop as a Service ( DaaS ) solution ; provided in just few minutes and quickly scale to provide thousands of desktops to team-mates across the globe on OPEX model.

DC10g WorkSpaze abolish the complexity to Manage Hardware, Operating System, Data Security, Policies, Availability & Scalability. DC10g WorkSpaze simplify the DaaS delivery strategy.

DC10g WorkSpaze is a completely managed desktop computing service on DC10g cloud that allows its customers to provide cloud-based desktops to their end-users. Through this the end-users can access the documents, applications, and resources using devices of their choice such as laptops, iPad or Android tablets.


Reduce Costs

DC10g WorkSpaze abolish the requirement to buy expensive desktop and laptops resources by providing on-demand access to cloud desktops that include a range of compute, memory, and storage resources to meet users requirements.

Data Security

DC10g WorkSpaze environment is created within DC10g Cloud to provide each user a constant access with encrypted SAN storage. There is no data stored on local server or system. This helps improve and arranging the security of user’s personal and organisation’s professional data and reduce overall risk

Simpler Desktop Delivery

DC10g WorkSpaze help to abolish many administrative tasks associated to managing the endpoint ( i.e. Desktop & Laptops ) lifecycle including procurement, maintaining and recycling endpoints. After using DC10g WorkSpaze there will be very less inventory to manage for endpoints and there will be no need of complex VDI ( Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ) deployments which can’t scale.


DC10g WorkSpaze is designed on cloud environment that help users or organisation to scale or downscale instantly globally. There is no need on expensive CAPEX IT infrastructure or planning when you are setting up your new business or new business location.

Environment for Benefits :

Rapid Provision for Test & Development

Start-ups or Software / App Developers and test teams need access to a secure, high-performance WorkSpaze for completing their tasks without expense or very less expense and inventory that comes with a lot of over- provisioned physical hardware. They can provision all of above on DC10g WorkSpaze. Source codes are not stored on developer’s laptops that is helping surety & safety of organisational intellectual property.

BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device )

Organisation can encourage employees to use or Bring their Own Device for work or when they are working from home or remote because DC10g WorkSpaze is deployed on cloud environment and providing the quick & easy access to them for their corporate applications DC10g WorkSpaze let user run a cloud desktop service directly on a wide range of devices like Personal Computers ( Windows/IOS), iPad, Tablet etc and web browsers i.e. Mozilla, Crome or Firefox. DC10g solutions enable users to deliver a secure & responsive desktop experience that will delight the users and help organisation’s BYOD initiative a reality.

Work from Home Solution

During the crisis times organisations want employee to work from home. But the threat is the data. That also go along with employees in their laptops. DC10g WorkSpaze make the centralisation of the business. Users can access their data from anywhere and organisation will have professional data safely at server as per admin policy.

Swift integration during tie-ups & takeovers

Businesses get merged or acquired and organisations want quick onboarding or offloading of employees. During such situations there will be diverse set of devices and integration which is extremely complex. DC10g WorkSpaze work on any device and help them to come on common platform quickly. IT department swiftly can provision and de-commission the WorkSpaze as per organisation need.

Carrier Neutral
  • State-of-the-art Datacenter facilities uses multiple Internet service providers with DDOS Protected Connectivity Ensuring full network redundancy resulting in high network availability

Dedicated Customer Management
  • Dedicated Sales Account Manager (AM) and Technical Account Manager (TAM)

  • Support escalation plan in case of emergency

Tier III Data center Facility
  • Datacenter Facility is certified with Tier – III standard & Disaster recovery services,

  • We guarantee 99.99% Network, service uptime SLA.

International Clientele
  • Dedicated Sales Account Manager (AM) and Technical Account Manager (TAM)

  • Support escalation plan in case of emergency

Competitive Pricing
  • Flexible, lower and competitive commercials as compared to industry competition with no compromise of service quality.

  • We provide choices in payment through independent customer portal

Built on Industry Standard
  • Business continuity and high availability through redundant, Scalable & Impeccable infrastructure Built on industry standard hardware, software and security to provide best of the performance for customer business application

24x7 Support
  • 24X7 Round-the-clock enterprise technical support to serve our clients

  • Personalised customer contact (TAM) in case of emergency so that customer internal technical staff can focus on core business function

N+1 Cloud infrastructure
  • Our N+1 Cloud infrastructure have surplus/backup for power supply, network, load balancers and multiple HVAC systems, essential for business continuity.

  • We also maintain the N+1 model to provide 24X7 technical support to our customer